Chapter 1 - Dirtmouth

Here I am, wandering in these ruins. I don't have a name, nor memories. Juste an old Nail, used by time. That's all. 


Along the path I follow, there are poles producing light. Are they natural, or did someone make them? I have no idea.

After a while, the path led me to a cliff. Far away, big lights are shining. Something inside me push me to reach this lights.

It doesn't make sense, but I jumped down the cliff without hesitating. I reached the ground after quite the long fall.


It didn't hurt. When looking around, I see that the only path forward is blocked by a fractured wall. Should I hit it? That's what my instinct are telling me.

I wield my nail, then slash with all my strength toward the wall. The wall crumbled immediately. Am I strong?

I continue on the path when another wall stand in my way. Like the previous one, it crumble as soon as I hit it. 


Behind the third wall, there is a strange creature. It doesn't look dangerous, so I let it approach me.

... It was a mistake, just touching it hurts me. Should I consider it as an enemy? Let's try hitting it.




I killed it. Two strikes of my old Nail were enough to kill it. But when it died, some sort of orange fumes escaped from it's body. 

What is it supposed to be? Instinctively, I feel that this is something bad. But I don't know why.

 I continue to break walls and move forward, while killing another of the strange, crawling creature. Does it have a name? If not, we are the same then. 


I reached a big room, which contains platforms of different shapes. The ceiling is full of spike. I think hitting them would hurt. 

Near the ground, there is a hole in the wall, leading to a big shining stone. When I hit it, it let out small shining stones.

Which remind me. When I killed the previous creatures, they also let out these small stones. For the meantime, I collect them.But really, what are they?There are so many strange things, maybe it's best to leave the mysteries for later. 


The only way out is to climb those platforms, toward the spiky ceiling. I climbed without problems but as I was leaving the room, one of those spike almost fell on me. 

Scary. I better be wary of those. What would have happened if I was hit?


Just after that, the wall started to shine when I walked near it. There are words written here: 




Am I one of those higher beings? I could read the words, so maybe I am? Even so, what is a higher being? Focus my soul... What is the soul? ... When I tried to focus myself, some kind of energy was consumed, and the injury received from the crawling creature was healed. Amazing! Is that the feat of which other can only dreams? Humm, so it means there are others people out there.

In the end, it meems like I really am one of the higher beings, whoever they are.

As I continue my progression, I find myself in another room. This time, there is another creature, different from the crawling one. It's flying around, doing nothing. Maybe I can avoid it. 

That's what I thought, but as soon as it saw me, it cames charging. I defend myself with my nail, and as it died, it let out orange fumes. So it's an enemy. Are all the others hostile? I hope not.


On the other side of the room, there is another of those fragile walls. Behind it is a secret room... with spikes on the floor. These spikes look even sharper than the one I saw before on the ceiling. 

I climb the platform carefully and cross path with another flying creature. I killed it swiftly, then resume my ascension. At the top of the room, there is another big shining stone. But when I approached it, my attention was focus on it, and I didn't notice the spike from the ceiling that was falling on me. By chance, I deflect it at the last second, but that was a close one. 


After gathering the shining stones, I return to the main room and climb my way up. Another flying creature came charging at me, but a spike fell from the ceiling and impaled it. Lucky!


I found a room with a big blue thing. When I hit it, it explode in small blue things. After hitting them, some sort of blue coating gather around me. I feel more resistant, is that just an impression? Who knows...

As I jump towards the ground on my right, one of those crawlers walk just under me. Without time to react, I was knocked back down, but after checking myself, I found out that I was uninjured. However, a part of the blue coating was shaved off. So it's some sort of protections? Good to have it I guess.


 Another crumbling wall, and another corridor. But when I expect it the least, the floor suddenly collapse under me. It's not a really deep fall, but it's still impossible to climb back up. I have to go the other way. 

Another spiky floor. With platforms to jump over them. Doesn't sound difficult, but when I actually tried it, spikes also fell from the ceiling. Spike on the floor, spike on the ceiling. If I avoid the ones falling on me, I will fall in the ones on the floor. My only choice is to outrun them, until I reach a safe spot. There is two path ahead of me. One which go up, and another who go straight. The logical choice would be to go up, but I saw something shine in the path straight ahead. I follow my curiosity and find a big shining stone, which I gather immediately. The path continue after that, but its all spikes. Without any platforms in sight. Guess i'll have to take the other path. 


A dead-end. I thought I could leave this way, but maybe I was wrong. No wait.. This thing that supports the ceiling seems weak, maybe I can break it. One hit, two hit, it's still standing. But the ceiling is starting to cave in a little. After a final hit, it finally collapse, opening a way up.


I find myself on the other side of the ground that collapse earlier. After walking a little, I found another thing which start to shine when I approached it:






Another message destined to higher beings. I still don't know what a higher being is supposed to be. Will I know if I meet with the "King and Creator" ? And what kind of laws do I have to obey? 

The Eternal Kingdom, Hallownest? What a grand name. As the stone said, maybe I should witness this land with my own eyes.

Let's continue, no point in standing there doing nothing.


As i let the shining words behind me, a gigantic door stand in my way. Like the smaller doors previously, it's cracked here and there, but can I really break it? I will know after trying. 

I hit it once, twice, thrice. It trembled a little but is still standing. After a few more hits, a part of the door fell. It's working! I have to continue. Finally, the door collapse towards the outside. As I step in, I finally reach the outside.

As the path is inexistant, I jump down, once again without hesitation. Something is pushing me forward, without knowing the reason why.


I walked a little, and finally reach the big light that I saw from far away. The same shining poles I saw in the previous ruins. The place  looks peaceful, but there is someone ahead of me. Is it also a enemy? I hope not.


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