Chapter 1 - Awakening

This morning, the town was wrapped in a white and dense fog, covering the small noises made by people waking up.

Syam was sleeping peacefully in her bed, when she felt an intense shaking, waking her up suddenly.
Looking around, she noticed that her bed was in the grasp of tendrils made of magic power.

The bed was floating in the middle of the room, shaking, but the rest of the room was being perfectly still.

At the source of this magic, on the doorstep, was a young-looking woman, with long black hair cascading over her shoulder.

From one hand, she was weaving the spell that was shaking the bed, and the other one was posed on her waist, silently giving Syam a stern look.

"... Mom?"

"Rise and shine! When will you learn to wake up by yourself?"

"Ugh.. It's not my fault! The bed is too confortable, and the pillow is way too soft,
I always fall back to sleep!"


After letting out a sigh, her mother released the spell and turned around, telling her to hurry up if she didn't want to start the day on an empty stomach.
The bed fell back in place with a loud thump.

Taking a glance outside, the fog was being cleared at a rapid pace, thanks to the magical power that was covering the village.

After a few minutes, the fog had already dissapeared and the sun stone, in the middle of the village, was slowly starting to gain in intensity, shining on the surrounding.
Coming back to her senses, she quickly changed into her uniform, the outfit of the Tower Apprentices.

The cloth it was made of, came from high quality magic wool, gathered from Silver Sheep.
The magic wool cloth were then used by the tailor of the town to create this uniform.
Runic symbols were weaved into the outfit to increase its defensive capabilities, as well as its magical resistance.

Checking herself in the mirror that was suspended on one of the wall, she nodded and left her room.


On her way to the Tower she crossed path with Oras, one of the farmer of the village, while she was running.
He was walking toward the fields outside town, with bags of seed floating in the air, following him.

"Oh Syam. Overslept today too?"

"Hello Oras. Yes, I have to hurry or I'll be late."

"Ahahah, good luck!"

"Thanks ! Bye!"

"Have a nice day."

After this short conversation, she resumed her travel toward the Tower with haste.

She also greeted others people she met on her way, but without engaging in conversation, still running toward the Tower.

As the town didn't have many inhabitants, practically all the citizens were acquainted with each other.

After a while, she finally arrived at the feet of the Tower, panting to catch her breath.

The Tower was the tallest and most magnificent building of the town.
The walls where sparkling of a silver tint, reflecting the light of the sun stone floating in the sky, and the doors were made of wood coming from a Black Tree, which was said to be harder than steel.
The windows were wide and made of glass.

The most talented mages were coming to this place to learn magic, and this was also the place of residence of the Elders, the most important persons and most powerful mages of the town.

Syam was one of the few Apprentices that were admitted in the tower.
Her outfit was one of the proof of that, but if one were to ask how to recognize a member of the Tower,
the answer would be his or her silver hair.
In town, everyone was able to wield magic to an extent, and the mana capacity of a person would be reflected in the color of their hair.
The more mana you had, the clearer your hair were.
As such, those who possessed silver hair were the one who had more mana, and were suitable for being taught in the Tower.
The white hair of the Elders, who had refined their magic during their long life, were a symbol of pride.

Having relaxed a bit, Syam entered the tower.

Author Note : I rewrote this chapter because I wasn't satisfied with the previous version. (15/12/2018)

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